At Ameritech Equipment Company we are committed to providing a truly comprehensive outlet for all of your truck-related needs. We offer a complete end to end solution including the sale, customization, remanufacturing, and service of commercial truck products & municipal vehicles. Browse our extensive range of products for sale by equipment type or industry and don't hesitate to call for details of our customization and installation services.

Our range of services and products are designed to support companies in industries as diverse as construction, oil & gas, municipalities, and utilities over the full lifecycle of their commercial truck equipment. From the acquisition of a new or used truck, all the way through to the day you dispose of it, Ameritech Equipment Company can meet your needs in full. We go above and beyond everything that other commercial truck upfitters offer.

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Why should you come to Ameritech Equipment Company to buy commercial truck equipment?

Apart from the fact you know we will be there to support you through the full lifecycle of your equipment, there are a number of reasons we are widely considered as the best when it comes to truck equipment sales in Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain Region.

Competitive pricing - We work hard to ensure that prices for our truck equipment remain highly competitive in all areas. Search for 'commercial truck equipment or sales near me', or just 'truck equipment near me' and take a look at what you find; you'll quickly see that we offer exceptional value for money. Whether you are looking for trucks designed for the building supply, oil and gas, rail or utilities industry (or any other industry), we can offer you a great deal.

Specialized customization services - In addition to our range of standard commercial work trucks equipment, we also offer professional customization services. Buy from us and you can be 100% certain your truck will be capable of doing exactly what you need it to.