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Truck Upgrades and Performance in Wyoming

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Any truck owner desires to have a truck with the best performance. That’s why you’ll find some taking a lot of time, money, and effort to create a truck that meets their specification. While this might be an intensive and exciting task, it takes the intervention of a reliable truck part supplier and mechanic service to achieve the upgrades and performance you desire. 


Ameri-Tech Equipment Company offers dedicated truck part supply with the best products. With our extensive line of on-hand equipment, you can get your truck roaring and hitting the ground with your desired performance. Here are some upgrades we can help you achieve with our equipment supply.  


Suspension Systems 

It’s inevitable to upgrade your truck’s suspension system. After all, its prolonged use causes wear and tear, and your truck’s OEM parts may require an aftermarket upgrade. Indeed, you don’t want to cut corners since you understand that all aspects of your vehicle will dictate its performance. Some of the things you should consider to ensure a proper suspension system upgrade include the following: 


Upgrading the Shocks 

The fastest way to upgrade your truck’s suspension is by upgrading its shocks, but it depends on your goal. For instance, consider heavy-duty shocks to keep its rear from bottoming out if you intend to improve its carrying and towing capacity. 


Adding Spring Helpers 

To improve your truck’s hauling capacity, consider reinforcing your truck’s suspension springs. You can add another leaf spring or use spring helpers to bolt the existing springs to add strength and tension.

Another upgrade you can make to the suspension springs is reinforcing the coil springs. To achieve this, you can slip a polyurethane brace into the spring coil to reduce the amount of spring play without increasing the truck’s ride height. 


Other Truck Upgrades 

Besides the truck upgrades and modifications discussed above, you may consider the following upgrades: 

  • Switching the intake systems and air filters 
  • Replacing your exhaust system with a high-performance option 
  • Tuning up the performance electronics 


Trust Ameri-Tech Company Company for Premium Truck Upgrades and Performance Solutions 

There’s a lot more involved in tuning your truck’s performance. However, sourcing high-performance parts is the most essential aspect of your truck’s tune-up. At Ameri-Tech Company, we’ve consistently supplied high-quality truck products across Wyoming and beyond for over 60 years. We can also help you source the best parts for your truck upgrade and help you achieve your desired performance. Contact us for more information.


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