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Snow Removal Equipment in Wyoming

Snow Equipment

Snow in Wyoming can start falling as early as late September and continue interfering with your business until May. That’s why access to high-quality snow plows is key to getting through the cold season in stride.

Ameri-Tech Equipment Company has a wide selection of trucking equipment, including snow plows that can help you battle snow all winter long. Our commercial snow removal equipment is designed specifically to handle tough snow conditions in Wyoming and beyond.

Let’s take a closer look at snow plow equipment and its ability to prevent downtime when snowstorms hit.


What is a Snow Plow?  

A snow plow is a device used for clearing snow from roads, parking lots, and other surfaces.

Its primary purpose is to remove large amounts of snow and ensure accessibility in winter weather conditions. Snow plows are usually mounted on trucks and feature a large, angled blade at the front. This blade pushes snow to the sides, creating a cleared path in its wake.

Snow plows are essential for maintaining transportation routes, ensuring the smooth flow of traffic, and minimizing the hazards posed by heavy snowfall. In Wyoming, where snow removal is a critical necessity, snow plows are a vital part of every company’s winter equipment arsenal.

Types of Snow Plows 

Depending on the type of truck you have and the volume of work you expect, you can choose from a suitable type of equipment. Common types of snow plows to consider are:

Straight Blade Plows

These snow plows are ideal for basic snow clearing. They have a straight, flat blade that efficiently pushes snow to the sides.


As the name suggests, V-plows have a V-shaped blade that can be adjusted to different angles. This design increases the precision of snow removal. That’s why it’s highly suitable for clearing narrow areas like sidewalks.

Wing Plows

Wing plows feature adjustable wings on either side of the main blade. These wings can be extended to increase the plow’s width, making them ideal for clearing wider areas.

Box Plows

Box plows have a box-like shape. They can contain a significant amount of snow, making them well-suited for commercial snow removal purposes, especially after a snowstorm. 

What is the best snow plow for your truck? ATEC can help you choose the best snow plow attachment for your truck to ensure the highest efficiency for your purposes.


Benefits of Snow Removal Equipment from Ameri-Tech Equipment Company

Ameri-Tech Equipment Company is the one-stop shop for all trucking solutions, including snow plows. The key benefits of buying commercial snow removal equipment from ATEC are:

Higher Efficiency

Snow removal equipment is designed to maximize efficiency and productivity. With advanced features and cutting-edge technology, it helps you remove snow faster to minimize downtime and streamline operations.


Trucking equipment is built to withstand the harsh winter conditions of Wyoming. Our products are known for their ability to handle heavy snowfall and intense use without compromising performance.

Expert Support

ATEC provides excellent customer service and technical support to each client. Our team of experts is available to assist with equipment selection, maintenance, and any troubleshooting needs.


Find the Right Commercial Snow Removal Equipment in Wyoming at Ameri-Tech Equipment Company

While Wyoming is famous for its snowfall, finding high-quality equipment for snow removal can be a challenge, especially when the cold season begins.

ATEC offers a wide selection of snow removal equipment, including snow plows and rotary plows on large chassis. This versatility allows you to buy all the tools you need in one place.  To learn more or to get an estimate, please contact us at any time.

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