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Gooseneck Trucks & Flatbeds in Wyoming


No matter the type or size of items you are moving, you will likely need a reliable trailer to haul your goods. Trailers are your go-to option if your business needs unparalleled flexibility and capacity when moving goods. Fortunately, there are several options to choose from depending on your business needs. The most common are gooseneck trailers and flatbed trucks. Keep reading to explore the features of gooseneck and flatbed trucks and the benefits of using them here with Ameri-Tech Equipment Company


What is a Flatbed Truck?

A flatbed truck is a vehicle with an open-top flat bed that is used for transporting goods and materials. It typically has no sides or roof but may have removable racks and enclosures depending on its purpose. Flatbeds can be attached to a variety of chassis types, including gooseneck trucks, semi-trucks, and light-duty pickup trucks. Flatbed s offer a greater degree of flexibility and can be used to transport goods that are too large or cumbersome for traditional trucks.

The various types of flatbed trucks available in the market include lowboys, double drop, RGN, side kit, and step deck. 


Benefits of a Flatbed Truck

A significant benefit of flatbed trucks is their versatility. The design of these trucks allows you to haul cargo of various shapes and sizes. Flatbed trucks also offer security to your cargo as you can secure it using chains or straps. Another benefit is that hauling cargo is easier because of its design. Cargo can easily be loaded using forklifts, drop decks, or a rack. Also, they are great for navigating low bridges and narrow roads. 


What is a Gooseneck Trailer?

Gooseneck trucks are specialized vehicles with an extended frame and a hitch attachment in the bed that allows for enhanced hauling capacity. These trucks are commonly used to tow heavy trailers, such as flatbeds, livestock, and boat trailers. A key distinguishing feature of a gooseneck trailer is its unique hitching mechanism resembling a goose’s neck. This long hitch curves over the rear gate connected to the trailer bed. The hitch centers the weight at the rear axle, giving the driver increased control, thus, fewer trailer sways on the road.


Benefits of a Gooseneck Trailer 

Since goosenecks are longer, wider, and heavier, they have a much higher load rating. The trailer can carry a capacity of up to 30,000 pounds. Gooseneck trailers are also known for their stability, especially when driving. Other benefits include the availability of custom options. Depending on your industry needs, A-Tech can customize the trailer to match them exactly. Also, flatbed trucks are extremely versatile, come in various sizes to suit your needs, and can be used in various tasks imaginable.

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Why/Who Use(s) a Gooseneck Trailer? 

Farm owners can use them to tow livestock and horse trailers. Construction firms use the trailer to haul heavy machinery due to their increased stability. Gooseneck trailers can also be customized to be used by event planners during festivals, concerts, and fairs. They can act as a mobile food and beverage service for the attendees. 


Why/Who Use(s) a Flatbed Truck? 

Flatbed trucks are often used to transport oversized cargo that is difficult to transport in smaller cargo vehicles. They are also used in building material hauling, towing smaller vehicles, transporting recyclables, heavy machinery, and large containers. Flatbed trucks are also used in agriculture to transport farm input and supplies over large distances. 


How Does a Flatbed Truck Work? 

When used to transport small vehicles, a mechanical system positions its bed like a ramp and lowers the back of the flatbed to the ground surface. The car can then drive up the ramp onto the open bed. Chains or straps can then fasten the wheels of the vehicle. For other types of uses, cargo is loaded using cranes or forklifts and balanced over the axles. The truck driver then secures the cargo using nylon straps or thick chains. 


How Does a Gooseneck Truck Work? 

A gooseneck truck works by hitching a trailer to its bed; the arched-like hitch is connected directly in line with the truck’s rear axle. This distributes overall weight and gives the trailer more stability. The coupling point and the frame rails are installed underneath the truck bed directly above the 

rear axle. When hitched, the ball locks the coupler and neck of the trailer, securing it well enough to transport heavy material or cargo.