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Dump Truck Bodies in Wyoming

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Dump truck bodies are versatile and have many applications, including landscaping, demolition, construction, and mining. If you are experiencing trouble hauling or transporting heavy materials, a dump truck body is all you need. Find a wide range of reliable dump bodies here at Ameri-Tech Equipment Company to enhance your hauling capabilities.  


What is a Dump Truck Body?

 Also referred to as dump trailers, these are heavy machinery used to transport various materials. It is designed with a deep, open bed that tilts backward to empty loose materials such as gravel, topsoil, dirt, sand, or debris. The bed is hinged at the rear and has a hydraulic system that raises and tilts, reducing the need for manual labor. The main features of dump truck bodies are the chassis, engine, cab, tires, suspension system, and tailgate.    


Types of Dump Truck Bodies 

 Depending on your needs, there are various types and configurations of dump truck bodies. A-TEC offers the following:


 Standard dump truck: This is a rectangular dump truck commonly used in the construction industry. It has a single chassis and a hydraulic system attached to the rear. Standard dump trucks are very versatile and do well in off-road terrains. 

 Transfer dump truck: It has a standard dump body as its base and a separate trailer that is attached to the chassis. The separate trailer is pulled within the body of the main truck, meaning the tank trailer remains stationary while the truck moves the load. The advantage of this truck is that it can haul large volumes without compromising its maneuverability. 

 Side dump truck: This type has a semi-truck and trailer combination. They are equipped with a hydraulic system at the front and back, which rotates the body on its mid-line axis. Its body tilts to one side, allowing the material to be emptied either to the right or left of the truck. This makes them perfect for dumping material on open construction areas. Side dump trucks are also the safest option because they reduce the risk of tipping over. 


What are Dump Trucks Used For?

 They are used in various industries, from construction to landscaping. Because of their durability, they can handle the toughest jobs, and the truck’s load capacity is 14 tons. 

 In infrastructural developments such as bridge and road construction, dump trucks are used to move loads in narrow sections. In construction sites, dump truck bodies are used primarily to haul materials and transport them to different locations. In landscaping, when dirt and soil need to be moved, dump trucks can be very helpful in completing the task without interfering with the structural integrity of the site being landscaped. Its ability to haul and dump material quickly and efficiently is the primary reason it is used in mining industries. In some cases, dump truck bodies can also be used for snow plowing in cold climates.  


Stay Ahead of the Competition with Our Top-of-the-Line Dump Truck Bodies in Wyoming

 At Ameri-Tech Equipment Company, we have a large inventory of dump truck bodies and trailer accessories to help you grow your fleet. If you are looking to upgrade your fleet, seek A-TEC services. Since 1961, we have been a market leader in cutting-edge trailer technologies. We are inclined to help our clients in Wyoming acquire the right equipment for their business needs. Contact us for expert advice on a suitable dump truck body purchase that meets your budget and business performance requirements.